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Only the finest organic cotton, wool, and natural rubber is used in our selection of organic crib mattresses and baby and adult bedding.

Natural organic fibers such as cotton and wool breathe, producing a healthy, comfortable and natural environment for you and your baby.

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  A parent's greatest concern is a healthy child.

Organic Baby BeddingExtensive scientific research and documentation, has long since proven that organic cotton and wool help to alleviate many persistent illness like colds and allergies. Many of the baby products on the market today have so many chemicals in them, chemicals that can cause dangerous reactions in our children including SIDS.

Our entire line of organic baby products from the crib mattresses, wool moisture pads to the organic cotton sheets are all certified by the manufactures to be free from harmful chemicals and other dangerous materials.

Your baby will love sleeping on organic baby bedding and so will you knowing how safe they are.


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Organic cotton is grown without pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, chemical fertilizers or any other chemicals, and that makes it hugely different.

The certified organic cotton used in our products contains no pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers and has no added chemicals or preservatives (such as formaldehyde) used in the processing. It's pure and clean - soft and comfortable.

Natural latex rubber dynamically conforms to your every movement throughout the night providing for a comfortable nights rest. Naturally resistant to mold, dust mites, mildew and is hypoallergenic.

Unlike memory foam which is derived from plastics, it doesn't off-gas toxic chemicals and will not will not create "craters" in the material as you move

Organic wools natural fiber provides maximum air-flow around the body. Wool fibers trap air and have a natural elasticity, so that when you lie down your body will be cradled and supported without pressure to acupressure points. Wool naturally wicks moisture away from skin and helps your baby maintain a dry comfortable body temperature in hot and cold weather.

Wool fleece is a natural renewable resource that is hypoallergenic and is dust mite, mildew and flame resistant. Wool fleece also resists the growth of odor causing bacteria making for a fresher resting place for your child.




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